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Inspiration to hit re-fresh and re-set your September workspace for Spring!

At, we look at all the ways we can innovate systems to create #positiveforwardmomentum. Besides ensuring you are consistently backing up to the cloud, logically nesting your docs, using ergonomic equipment and organising your diary with plenty of beneficial breather-breaks to avoid crashing your personal CPU - the state of your personal work space is of prime importance to ensure optimal performance (and joy!) And what better way to kick off September then through our connected culture and inspiration from fellow Futureboarders.

Kicking off with design genius, architect and CEO: Kelly Wearstler

"It may seem counterintuitive, but there is greater possibility for an up-level flow of unbridled creativity and fresh ideation with a highly organized work space. My desk and surrounds are a curation in themselves of my favorite essentials. Sketches, drawings and running inspiration for every project are gathered into designated folders. Captured thoughts and photos from travels, artist studios and just about everywhere I find stimulation are organized in my phone. Fabrics, stones, tiles, metals and other interesting elements are at the ready for material exploration. And I’m never far away from photos of my family. XK

Although it is also a relief to see a messy cupboard in the background. We'll do a super-zoom shot to get that all in!

Next, we scour our sources internally at with Founder, Paula Hulley's at-home work space. At least she stacked all those research papers in one pile!

Paula Hulley: Founder

"Multitasking between workshops, content creation and research means I need everything nearby and ready for use. So I need a functional space BUT definitely not a boring one. So many of the items in my work space are from family and friends, inspiring me with memories to take on each moment. I change my pinboard often (as does my daughter!) and bring in new references and resources to help with fresh ideas. I personally love seeing other people's work spaces, as it tells me so much about who they are and what they love. Especially over the pandemic and even now, as we still keep some of our online office routines. Plus my ergonomic fidget cushion keeps me at the right angle".

Stay tuned this September as we upload and share more work space inspiration from our network. And in the meantime, if you need some office inspiration, view our gallery below.

Photo credits: Sophia Webster, Jamie Bush's LA Studio in Veranda Magazine, Cesca chair design workplace, Jennifer Fisher in Refinery29, Gwyneth Paltrow in the Daily Mail, Erdem Moralioglu in British Vogue.

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