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If it isn't working, make it easier.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


This week's focus is to look at how we can make things simpler.

How often we look at our life and see what we can add, what more we can bring in to make things better... another App, another exercise class - maybe even to multitask being on said App while in exercise class. But what if it is more about reducing the number of things, decisions and steps in our everyday life and to look at how we can make our schedules, routines and network more efficient. In digital platform design - user experience experts spend millions of dollars working on more efficient, reduced clicks/steps/actions to create a seamless, personalised journey for customers to travel on - can we not apply the same process to living in the real world?

Can we do less to have more?

And if we can't do less - how do I do what I need to do in a faster more efficient way?

I was always told to "never cut corners", and that "multitasking" would get me there faster. I am not sure if I am ready to believe that cutting corners can work - but perhaps to cut the corners that don't actually need rounding is an exciting concept to look at and identify where simpleR would indeed be better. In the case of multitasking - a friend I bumped into on this morning's walk agreed - that multitasking is ... gasp - a lie. Not only does doing two (AKA 10) things at the same time take longer (have you ever timed yourself -that would then be doing 3 (11) things at once - well done!) but the quality of these two-tasks-at-once ain't great. Well, not as great as if you did them one by one. This is something I am still learning, and trying to convince my daughter of too.

To quote one of my favourite people, Chani Nicholas: " The question is: What can I do to cut out and make the whole operation run better, more seamlessly, more peacefully, and above all else, more efficiently". Adding: "How can we look at the tools and resources we have, to understand them and to see if we can use them in different ways and in the best way possible. Where can we get into the routines, the schedules of our daily life and give it a 2.0".

Until next week

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