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Smart Shopping Delivers

The latest trends and insights for a smart shopping offering

Consumers are looking for smart, sustainable, accessible, and meaningful gifts this festive season and with eager shoppers already crossing items off their gift lists, retailers and brands can leverage increased online activity to add value and ease to the festive season for their customers and communities.

A digital approach:

As e-commerce grows exponentially year-on-year, reports 57% of surveyed consumers to do their Christmas shopping online, with ad impressions typically increasing by 50%, direct traffic increasing by 150%, and conversion rates growing by 60%.

Creating valuable and meaningful impact for consumers this festive season is key. Critical to this is designing your strategic omnichannel and second screen plans with care, including creative formats that deliver personalised, relevant, and engaging content, while deploying smart targeting strategies and accessing essential technologies such as rich media and sync capabilities, for example, SyncYD” adds Nuno Machado, YDigital Media CEO,

The power of technology:

Leveraging the power and potential of technology to provide customers with new and exciting ways to browse, buy and save is highlighted at the forefront of The Forbes Top Five Retail Technology Trends In 2023 with both online and offline retailers turning to technology in a number of innovative ways. Online shopping not only offers huge convenience, as it can be done from anywhere, at any time, but it also enables retailers to learn about customer behavior and combine it with data from any number of other online sources in order to build a detailed view of consumer shopping needs. Key trends include understanding and addressing conscious consumers (belief-driven buyers), personalisation through the customer journey, and immersive and experiential shopping.

Retail trends continued:

BizTrends2022 contributor, John Watling shared 7 of Accenture Africa’s key macro and micro trends for 2022including Resale-Rescaled, For the Greater Good and all-in Commerce for the new age of digital retail, and Deloitte’s 2022 Holiday Retail Trends focus on social media as a growing source for holiday shopping with over 55% of Gen Z and millennial shoppers planning to use social media to visit a specific retailer’s account, make a purchase, and/or view product reviews and feedback this holiday season.

A smart future for retail strategy:

Looking ahead to 2023, The Drum shares 9 trends on how retail strategy needs to evolve, including how to create an end-to-end framework for your retail strategy and tips on how to include conversion rate optimisationin your line-up, while the 2023 IAB Brand Disruption Report identified four key disruptions challenging brands, retailers, and the digital ecosystem, including H-Commerce, which is the growth powered by the fusion of online and offline shopping. This report covers insights from the leading brands and retailers who are investing in technology to provide seamless H-commerce shopping experiences.

Today the world is digital-first and there's simply no going back to the old way of selling online. With retail becoming more fluid, new trends and tech capabilities are emerging every day and while it can be challenging for brands and retailers to keep up, working with an expert partner gives brands the power to not only connect the right products to the right audiences to drive revenue for their retail business, but also to deliver smart, engaging, and meaningful shopping experiences for their customers.

Keen to partner:

YDigital is your digital marketing partner to help you accelerate your business through digital tools and media. Find out more about how to maximise the results of your Festive Season shopping campaign, access the YDigital Media pack here.

For more information contact capetown@ydigitalmedia.comor visit

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