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IAB x FBO Partnership

Welcome to all members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. We are thrilled to offer you a 10% discount on your first booking. Whether it is a presentation, team talk, workshop or project - the 10% discount applies.

Of course, your first Kick-start session is free - so no discount needed there.

Welcome all IAB members to

FBO is an interactive marketing project & partnership company delivering on business results through systems innovation in a culture of connectivity. We are a proud member if the IAB South Africa.

Founder, Paula Hulley, with 20 years of experience in leading and creating innovative and experiential digital platforms, programmes and teams, applies these processes and the FBO partnership network to interactive experiential and digital communication projects, shifting your brand, team and product potential to deliver on your business objectives.

So what does that mean for you?


  • Are you, your team or business stuck or working in a loop that won't resolve?

  • Simply looking for a new way of operating?

  • Or to visualise a more innovative future for your product, brand or company?

  • Do you have a project that requires digital communication or a relevant strategic partner to deliver on your interactive marketing or consumer requirements? Or perhaps a nudge in the right direction. will help you unlock solutions & access clearer thinking to shift forwards – faster. And in partnership with the IAB SA , we are thrilled to offer IAB SA members a 10% discount for your first FBO project or presentation. 

We've dropped in some of our services and presentations below to get started:

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